The next generation headless GraphQL CMS

For digital teams who are always a step ahead

A GraphQL API driven content management platform created for the best experience for developers and content creators

Set up your backend

For your needs in no time: the data structure, permissions, and workflow.

Manage your content

Document versions, content preview, scheduling, and more. A rich editor experience.

Display anywhere

Show your content to your customers on any platform: websites, applications, wearables, AR/VR.

  query {
    getPostDocument(slug: "welcome-to-mozaik") {
      image {

For Developers

The right tools and workflow

Flexible and robust content modelling. Through the app or the API.

Use your favourite languages or frameworks. A simple HTTP request and deliver your content to any device.

Integrate with your existing systems. Create and manage your content through the API.

For Content Creators

Easy and rich content editing

Create drafts, manage versions, publish changes, and schedule posts with a seamless content editor UI.

Preview changes before publishing, and always know the full version history of a document.

Define custom workflows and permissions that makes your team more productive.

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Frequently asked questions

With Mozaik...

Can I preview drafts before publishing?
When you query a document by id or content type and slug you can set if you want to retrieve the latest published version or the latest draft. Also you can set a version id, if you want to retrieve a previously published version.
Can I add validations to a field?
Yes, you can add one or more validations to a field. The available validations are based on the type of the field.
Can I add multiple values for a field?
Yes, when a field is created, you set it to accept multiple values. Multiple values currently not supported for the Rich Text input.
Can I manage my content via the API?
Yes, you can manage all your content through the API.
Can I manage my content type schema via the API?
Yes, you can create, update or delete a content type, a field of a content type or a field validation via the API.
Can I have a full revision history for my content?
Yes, we track all the changes you make to a document, so you will never lose any previous version.
Can I have webhooks?
Yes, webhooks are supported, but currently just for content editing events.
Can I have multi-language support for my content?
No, multi-language support has not been implemented yet. But it is our top priority, and we are working on it now.
Can I host the service on-premise?
We can support either a dedicated infrastructure or on-premise hosting in our Enterprise plan. For more details, please contact us.
Can I export my data if I decide to go with another CMS?
Yes, you can always download all your documents and content type schema through the API. Although we would be sad to see you go.