Content preview for Gatsby projects

by Peter Balazs on 28/09/2018

Mozaik supports from the very beginning the standard content editing workflow: creating drafts, tracking document versions, publishing and scheduling, reverting a document to the previous version or completely unpublish it. All these steps are necessary to enable authors to have full control over the content. But there is one more step that writers also need in most workflows: previewing content changes before publishing.

For dynamic sites, teams can implement a preview functionality with Mozaik using webhooks, but it is not that easy with static site generators. More and more teams realise the advantages of using static site generators: cost savings, faster deployments, more performant sites, and flexible CMS integrations.

And this is why we are excited to announce that in the coming weeks we will support Gatsby preview for teams. Have a look at it in action:

We have experience with Gatsby, and we see it as a perfect fit to build beautiful, performant, and secure web experiences with content served by Mozaik. That's why we thought the first static site generator with automatic content previews should be Gatsby.

Once teams connected their code repository, we will provide a URL where content editors can see the result of their changes. They can update a title, change a paragraph, and the preview site will be updated instantly. And when they are happy with the changes, they can hit the publish button and trigger a new deployment.

Currently, the work is still in progress to enable for wider audience. If you would like to try it out, just create a Mozaik account and a new project, and drop us a message on Slack, and we'll set up the preview environment for you.

In the past few months, we've focused on features that help developers the most. We've added support to GraphQL schema migration, a genuinely flexible content modelling with the new Union Content Type, to name a few. And we thought it is time to give some exciting and useful feature to content editors as well.