What comes next?

by Peter Balazs on 05/12/2017

In the past couple of weeks, we've been busy cleaning up the content editor UI, fixing small issues, and doing some work on our backend and infrastructure. But we thought it would be useful to lay out our future plans for the features we want to deliver for the best content management experience for both developers and content editors.

Our next priority in the next 2 months is adding sorting and filtering on the Documents page to make finding the document you need easier. We will continue improving the content editor user experience as well. We already have a short description of our publishing workflow, but we will write an in-depth overview.

And we don't want to forget the developers either: we will show how you can manage your content modelling through the API, so you can treat your schema as code. We also want to provide more code examples, sample projects, and schema templates to make starting a new project even quicker.

The more exciting features will come next year, but let me just share a few:

  • Content localization - Probably speaks for itself. This is our top priority for the next year.
  • Content type schema migration - We want to enable developers to connect projects for different environments (development, staging, production) and manage changes between those projects painlessly.
  • Custom roles and permissions - We already support 3 different roles, and you will be able to have even more control over who can create, edit or publish a document.
  • Custom publishing workflow - A document has been created, and it needs translation? A document is ready for publishing but needs approval? You will be able to set up custom notifications for different events, and we will let them know.
  • Version history - we already save every change and version of all your documents, and we will make comparing different versions and rollback effortless

These are just a few of what we have in mind. If you don't see a feature that you really need, just send us an email at hello@mozaik.io and let us know!