Mozaik GraphQL API

This is the general API documentation, which is the backbone of every project that you will create. As you define new content types and fields in your project, your API documentation will be automatically updated, so you can find the latest version any at hand.

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a query language, and provides complete information about your data in your API. The format of the query describes the shape of the data you receive. You don't have to make multiple REST requests to get all data you need to display a page, and the response contains the data your requested and nothing more, so you can minimize the payload. GraphQL also helps making easier to evolve your API.

If you are new to GraphQL, we suggest you to visit the official GraphQL website.

We think GraphQL is a great fit for a content management system as it enables to get all relevant data you need to display a page with one request even if you have linked documents.

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