Creating a workspace

How to create a workspace and the master project

Written by Peter Balazs

Last updated: 23/07/2018

After your log in you will see your main dashboard showing your workspaces. A workspace has a master project for serving your production content and can have multiple sandbox projects for testing purposes or local development.

When you create a workspace it automatically creates a master project as well with the same name.

The first step in creating a new workspace is to set the master project name. At the moment it has to be unique as this is going to be part of your endpoint. You can also set a more friendly Display name, but this is optional.

At the second step you can select between creating a project from scratch (Empty project) or by using a template. We currently provide 2 different templates to make it even quicker setting up a new project: a blog and a cinemas and movies template. The latter one also has some dummy data. Let's go ahead by creating a project by a template. And select the Sample blog template at the third step.

After your project workspace and master project are created, you are automatically redirected to the master project dashboard page.