Headless GraphQL CMS

We build a best in class content management platform so you can focus on creating the app and content your users need.

A GraphQL API created for developers by developers

Querying documents, manage a project or a whole workspace with ease: everything that you can do in the app, you can do using the API.

Mozaik GraphQL API

Full revision history and publishing workflows

Always know the full editing history of your content and easily switch between versions. Manage, preview and schedule your content changes.

Mozaik Content Editor

Content type schema migration made straightforward

Evolve your project with confidence and never worry about introducing breaking changes.

Mozaik Schema Migration

Easy integration with your existing systems

Create your custom functions and use the powerful webhooks system to trigger your function. Send tweets automatically when you publish new content, trigger your static site generator build process or update other fields based on the new values.

Mozaik Integrations

Dynamic layouts

Define dynamic fields with the union custom types, build a component library and give the freedom to content editors to quickly create rich and custom landing pages.

Dynamic layout

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